A Bright Spot in Liberty – Guest post


ellen MarinoI first moved up to Liberty in 2008, and the first place I stopped was Floyd and Bobos.

I was particularly taken with the joint because they feature TM Ward Coffee, and I was moving from Newark NJ, where that coffee is made and sold in a 100 year old candy/coffee store… it was one of my favorite places in Newark.

So, that coffee connection, along with the fact that Ellen and Louie are so friendly and welcoming, gave me confidence that there were elements of civilization in these backwoods!

I was not mistaken. They have proven themselves over and over again to be visionaries for positive change, and are dedicated to creating a “scene” in Liberty to give young and old alike a sense of hope and vision for the future. All while providing our town with exceptional baked goods and home cooked meals and offering a vibrant, welcoming spot for anyone and everyone.

They have a dedication to local artists and musicians that cannot be found anywhere else in town.

Whatever your culinary preference, there’s something delectable for you at Floyd and Bobos Bakery and Snack Palace in Liberty NY.

Come for the food, come for the coffee, come for the music, and definitely hang out to meet all the hip people in the area!

Guest blogger and website mistress,

Meg Montgomery




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